For the Love of Paint

I consider myself a studio painter, and I paint in response to what my paint does, acting for the love of the paint and its tendency to lead me where I need to wind up, in spite of my best laid plans.  The result tends to be an intriguing, fantastical, never-was landscape. My interest in landscape is not so much in any specific place, but the way that landscape painting can function as a distortion, a metaphor, and a dream.


A Creative Mix

I work comfortably and happily in watercolor, acrylic, and oil. Sometimes the really bold course involves mixing media in experimental, but effective methods.

Our materials have a wisdom and a way of leading us, if we’re willing to follow their dictates. They follow us, in turn, responding to even our most nuanced and subconscious gestures.


I find myself chasing the ability to capture the space between things – air, light, moisture, fog, and mood.

It’s this liminal space that leaves room for you, the viewer, to join in, to make yourself at home, to escape to somewhere more open, meditative, and inspiring.

It’s this space of potential rest and reflection that I hope to communicate and share, the place I suspect  that I access when painting.